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Be More Popcorn

LGBT Animated TV Serie, 10x20', Target: Young Adults


Sinopsis: A group of six LGBTQ+ friends try to navigate their everyday lives with very awkward and chaotic results. 

Status: In development in Los Angeles. Production: Ad Meliora Productions by Amanda Callas and Otto Logan. In search of co-production in Europe and U.S.A.


Festivals: First prize winner: Cannes Screenplay Contest 2017 - Comedy Television Script. Semi-finalist: Shanghai Pride Film Festival 2019.

Official Selection at Florence Queer Festival 2017, Official Selection at Sardinia Queer Festival 2017, Official Selection at QCinema Forth Worth 2017, Official Selection at San Antonio Lgbt Queer Short Film Festival 2017, Official Selection at Queer Bee Film Festival 2017, Official selection at In Development at MipTv 2018, Official Selection at FilmOut San Diego 2018. Official Selection at Rainbow Umbrella 2018 Official Selection at QueerBee Film festival 2018, Official selection at Tuscany Web Fest 2018, Official Selection at Omovies Film Festival 2018, Official Selection at LGBTQ shorts film festival 2019, Official selection at Animaze: Montreal International Animation Film Festival 2019, Official selection at Webisode Film Festival 2019, Los Angeles Cinefest 2018, A Rebel Minded festival 2018

Ajó West

Animated TV Serie, 52x11', Target: 6-12 years old


Sinopsis: A group of little cowboys explores Sardinia in search of treasures and magic objects to save their villages

Status: In development. Script, Teaser animatic, concept. In search of a producer

Festivals: Official Selection at Cartoon Springboard 2022 Pitch

Cherry Iaia

Animated short film, target: 5/10, 7'

Sinopsis: Iaia tries to be listened by her family and the adults, she wants a cherry pie for her birthday!

Status: Script


Animated short film, target: 6/12, 8'

Sinopsis: The ugliest, vainest monster in the world wakes up one day to find out that he has become an adorable fluffy creature


Status: In development. Script, animatic, concept. Production: Flora's Room, by Francesca Floris and Fabrizio di Palma. In searching of a co-production in Europe


Festivals: Official Selection at Animarkt 2022 Pitch

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